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How would you utilize another expert technician in your shop?

We want ASN members to think of Maynard as their employee. It is exciting to see how member shops can leverage Maynard in their operations from simple all the way to highly complex issues.

This week’s update comes from a senior tech at Linwood Garage. There was a 2014 Subaru with starting issues. The inspection resulted in some odd temperature data - a warmed-up engine was reading -164 degrees on a summer day. After replacing the temperature sensor the scan tool was still giving incorrect readings.

Another example of a technician doing everything right but being held back by faulty information.

Instead of digging into a huge number of potential issues and installing another new sensor, he paused to reach out to Maynard. With some new ideas in hand, the technician tried a different scan tool - and it turned out the issue was on the aftermarket tool, not the sensor. The other scan tool showed the correct readings.

The power of our network will continue to grow and ensure fewer shops get burned on issues such as these. Having someone focused on scan tools, software subscriptions, and updates removes another burden from shop operations.