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How Senior Technicians Benefit From ASN Tech

Another great week at ASN Tech!

Seeing a wide range of technicians using our facilities and Maynard's expertise is very exciting.

One highlight of the week comes from Leroy’s Auto Care, where a 2nd-year apprentice got to deal with a troublesome check engine light. The vehicle had already been to another location where an attempt had been made to fix the concern.  Working with Maynard and after doing some heavy research the apprentice identified that an incorrect oil pressure switch had been installed.  It is exciting to see young technicians fulfilled by attempting and resolving challenging issues. At the same time, a challenging diagnostic problem turned into a profitable job!

Another member could enjoy a day off knowing that Maynard was available if his technicians ran into any issues. This is a huge benefit that we know will provide shop owners peace of mind when family or fishing requires their time!

Every Thursday at 3 pm, the shop is available for people to drop in and see the facilities and discuss more in person.

Text, call, or email Maynard to schedule a free trial run in person at the shop or virtually if traveling is not an option.

Here is our pricing guide. Please note that pricing is customized to each shop.