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Part Of The Membership: Key Fob Programming

Another exciting week at ASN Tech. Lots of interesting interactions with technicians and problem solving.

This week we want to focus on a pain point for shop: key fob programming.

A member required a 2010 Dodge Journey to have 2 new keys added to the vehicle.

Another member required a new key fob to be programmed to a 2017 VW Beetle.

In the aftermarket, programming keys to a Chrysler requires a special security pass to the vehicle in the form of a PIN number. To secure a PIN number for the VIN of the vehicle and enable access to the key fob, an individual must be a registered user with NASTF. Becoming certified with NASTF requires a background check, automotive repair certificate, and an insurance policy from your shop.

For Volkswagon the individual needs to use the Factory scan tool to program the fobs, and the way to secure the factory tool is to be background checked and certified before the tool can be purchased.

ASN Tech always has a certified technician to be able to assist with key fob programming. Utilizing remote login tools such as the Autel remote solutions system we can login remotely and perform some of these functions to any shop that has the Autel Ultra scan tool.

By building a network we can continue to expand these types of offerings and stay ahead of the curve. This removes pressure from shops always having to adjust to the changes in the industry and stay focused on their own operations.